Chair for Computer Science I: Algorithms, Complexity and Knowledge-Based Systems


Although lectures are starting late this year because of Easter, we already inform about the lectures, practical courses and tutorials in the upcoming summer semester.

On Tuesday (March 28), Pritam Bhattacharya of the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur gives a talk on "Approximability of Guarding Weak Visibility Polygons". The talk will take place in room E39 at 11:30.

On Monday (March 20), Giuseppe Liotta of the University of Perugia gives a talk on "1-Planarity". The talk will take place in room E39 at 16:00.

For the New Year's reception, professors, staff, alumni and friends of the faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science met in the historical cellar of the Würzburg residence on 28.01.2017. Over a wine tasting, the dean gave an entertaining talk...