Chair for Computer Science I: Algorithms, Complexity and Knowledge-Based Systems


On Tuesday (March 28), Pritam Bhattacharya of the Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur gives a talk on "Approximability of Guarding Weak Visibility Polygons". The talk will take place in room E39 at 11:30.

On Monday (March 20), Giuseppe Liotta of the University of Perugia gives a talk on "1-Planarity". The talk will take place in room E39 at 16:00.

For the New Year's reception, professors, staff, alumni and friends of the faculty for Mathematics and Computer Science met in the historical cellar of the Würzburg residence on 28.01.2017. Over a wine tasting, the dean gave an entertaining talk...

Today, Krzysztof Fleszar has defended his doctoral thesis (title: "Network-Design Problems in Graphs and on the Plane") in a public disputation. Congratulations to this last, successful step towards your PhD!