Completed Theses


Julian WalterRotation and scale invariant template maching for historical mapsbachelor thesis[pdf][poster]
Joachim Spoerhase Approximation Algorithms for Network Design and Location Planning habilitation[pdf][slides]


Eike-Christian WeissMulti-Paradigm Programming in Java and Prolog for Games Engineeringbachelor thesis
Andre LöfflerSnapping Graph Drawings to the Gridmaster thesis[pdf]
Thomas HandwerkerTesting Source Code with the Logic Programming Language Prologmaster thesis[pdf][slides]
Martin BeckerString Matching of Historical Toponyms [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf]
Leon SeringA Combinatorial Upper Bound on the Length of Twang Cascadesmaster thesis[pdf]
Fabian FeitschFrom Many User-Contributed Polygons to One Polygon Consensusbachelor thesis[pdf][slides]
Ursula SchermCovering Vertices and Edges of Graphs with the Minimum Number of Lines [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf]


Wadim ReimcheSlanted Orthogonal Drawings of Graphs [in German]master thesis[pdf]
Titus DoseComplexity of Constraint Satisfaction Problems over Finite Subsets of Natural Numbers [in German]master thesis[pdf]
Johannes ZinkFaster Force-Directed Graph Drawing with the Well-Separated Pair Decomposition [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf][slides]
Adrian LoyOptimization of Cutting Schedules [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf][slides]
Philipp KindermannAngular Schematization in Graph Drawingphd thesis[pdf][slides]
Nadine SchwartgesDynamic Label Placement in Practicephd thesis[pdf][slides]
Matthias NeumannDrawing of Networks Considering Edge Lengths [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf][slides]
Maximilian WitekMultiobjective Traveling Salesman Problems and Redundancy of Complete Setsphd thesis[pdf]
Larissa MichlerStabilität vollständiger Mengenbachelor thesis
Sandra Lederer Multiparadigmen-Programmierung mit Java und Prologbachelor thesis
Lukas BeckmannAnalysis of Turning Points on GPS Tajectories using Fréchet Distance [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf][sildes]


Lukas BottOptimization and Automatization in Commissioningbachelor thesis 
Lorenz ReinhartRectangle Representations of Weighted Outerplanar Graphs [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf][slides]
Fabian LippBoundary Labeling for Annotations in Textsmaster thesis[pdf][slides]
Martin FinkCrossings, Curves, and Constraints in Graph Drawingphd thesis[pdf][slides]
Bernhard HäussnerImplementation of an Algorithm for Smooth Orthogonal Drawings of Planar Graphs [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf][slides]
Maximilian AulbachVisualizing Weighted Graphs in Restricted Area [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf][slides]
Magnus LechnerConcentric Metro Maps [in German]bachelor thesis[pdf][slides]
Benedikt BudigAlgorithmic Analysis of Historical Mapsmaster thesis[pdf][slides]
Mirco LukasErweiterung der Dialektdatenbank BayDat um eine Kartierungsfunktionbachelor thesis
Dieter LutzRealtime Linear Cartograms using Least-Squares Optimisationmaster thesis[pdf]
Agota LovasOn F-Automata and Equivalence Classes of Boolean Functionsmaster thesis
Uwe HerkertEntwicklung eines Übersetzers für While-Programmebachelor thesis
Geng Sun Development of a DSL Editor for Simplifying Rule Creation in Droolsmaster thesis
Xiaofen LiuAbgleich von SQL–Tabellen und CSV–Dateien mit Hilfe von Embedded SQLbachelor thesis


Hagen SchwaßSymmetry detection in building outlines [in German]master thesis[pdf][slides]
Julian SchuhmannDrawing Calculation Graphs [in German]master thesis[pdf][slides]
Christian VolkertMerging Curves for Improving curvilinear Metro Maps [in German]bachelor thesis
Leon SeringGrapheneinbettung mit vorgegebener Kantenlängebachelor thesis
Titus DoseEffiziente Reduktionen zwischen NP-vollständigen Problemenbachelor thesis
Torbjørn CunisDecidability of Differences of Level 3/2 Languages of the Straubing Therien Hierarchybachelor thesis
Johannes BlumTransformation of Register Machine Programsbachelor thesis


Sergiy Pakholchak Dynamic Labeling of Streets [in German]bachelor thesis [pdf][slides]
Benjamin Morgan Placing Street Labels in Interactive Navigational Maps bachelor thesis [pdf][slides]
Krzysztof FleszarGeneralized Minimum Manhattan Networksmaster thesis[pdf][slides]
Ilia BelozerovPacking Algorithms for
Boxes [in German]
bachelor thesis[pdf][slides]
Fabian Lipp Computing the Flip Distance of Triangulations bachelor thesis [pdf][slides]
Benedikt Budig An Algorithm for Map Matching on Incomplete Road Databases bachelor thesis [pdf][slides]
Nils Wisiol Simulation of Proof Systems bachelor thesis
Christian Reitwiessner Multiobjective Optimization and Language Equations phd thesis
Florian Stefan XXUL - Deklarative GUI-Entwicklung mit XPCE diploma thesis
Esther Fee Feichtner Musikanalyse von MusicML-Dateien - Implementierung in Prolog diploma thesis


Philipp Kindermann Tour Planing with Time Windows for Several Vehicles [in German] master thesis [pdf] 
Julian Schuhmann Automated Drawing of Metro Maps using Bézier Curves [in German] bachelor thesis [pdf][slides]
Nadine Schwartges Approximation Algorithms for the Directed Maximum Leaf Spanning Tree Problem [in German] master thesis [pdf] 
Christian Moldovan Aggregation in Node-Partitioned Graphs [in German] bachelor thesis  
Oleksandr Kovalchuk Deklarative Methoden zur Analyse von metabolischen Pathways diploma thesis


Johannes Schnappauf Detection of Symmetries in Polygons [in German] bachelor thesis  
Joachim Spoerhase Competitive and Voting Location phd thesis [pdf] 


Martin Fink Centrality Measures in Complex Networks based on Shortest Paths [in German] master thesis [pdf] 
Martin Knauer The Maximum Internal Spanning Tree Problem - Approximation Algorithms master thesis  
Julian Einwag Approximation und Visualisierung mehrkriterieller Optimierungsprobleme master thesis