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    Chair of Computer Science I - Algorithms, Complexity, and Knowledge-Based Systems

    Andre Löffler, M.Sc.

    Research Interest

    • Graphdrawing
    • Integer Linear Programming
    • Beyond-planar graphclasses

    Teaching (in German)



    • Chaplick, S., Kryven, M., Liotta, G., Löffler, A., Wolff, A.: Beyond Outerplanarity. In: Frati, F. and Ma, K.-L. (eds.) Proc. 25th Int. Symp. Graph Drawing & Network Vis. (GD'17). Springer-Verlag (2017).


    • Löffler, A., van Dijk, T.C., Wolff, A.: Snapping Graph Drawings to the Grid Optimally. In: Hu, Y. and Nöllenburg, M. (eds.) Proc. 24nd Int. Sympos. Graph Drawing. pp. 144-151 (2016).

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