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    Chair of Computer Science I - Algorithms, Complexity, and Knowledge-Based Systems

    Dose, Titus

    Titus Dose, M. Sc.

    Lehrstuhl für Informatik I
    Universität Würzburg
    Am Hubland
    D-97074 Würzburg

    Raum: B 113

    Tel.: +49 (0) 931-31-85750

    Email: titus.dose@uni-wuerzburg.de


    winter term 2018/19

    summer term 2018

    • review course theoretical computer science

    winter term 2017/18

    summer term 2017

    winter term 2016/17

    summer term 2016

    winter term 2015/16

    summer term 2015


    A list of my publications can be found at DBLP.


    • Best Student Paper Award at "43rd International Symposium on Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science 2018" (MFCS 2018)