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    Chair of Computer Science I - Algorithms, Complexity, and Knowledge-Based Systems


    NameFormer function at Chair IUntil
    Moritz BeckResearch Assistant2018
    Johannes BlumResearch Assistant2018
    Prof Dr. Sabine StorandtJunior Professor2018
    Fabian LippResearch Assistant2018
    Dr. Ludwig OstermayerResearch Assistant2018
    Dr. Dongliang PengResearch Assistant2017
    Dr. Benedikt BudigResearch Assistant2017
    Mirco LukasResearch Assistant2017
    Dr. Krzysztof FleszarResearch Assistant2016
    Dr. Nadine SchwartgesResearch Assistant2015
    Dr. Martin FinkResearch Assistant2014
    Dr. Maximilian WitekResearch Assistant2014
    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan-Henrik HaunertResearch Associate2013
    Dr. Christian ReitwießnerResearch Assistant2013
    Prof. em. Dr. Klaus WagnerHead of Chair IV2012
    Christian SchneikerResearch Assistant2010
    Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Yosri MorsySystem Administrator2009
    PD Dr. Hans-Christoph WirthResearch Associate2009
    Prof. em. Dr. Hartmut NoltemeierHead of Chair I2008