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    Chair of Computer Science I - Algorithms, Complexity, and Knowledge-Based Systems

    At the ACM International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (ACMGIS) 2013 in Orlando, Thomas van Dijk and Jan-Henrik Haunert presented their paper "Accentuating Focus Maps via Partial Schematization," which is joint work with the Eindhoven University of Technology. They were awarded Best Fast-forward Presentation and Runner-up Best Poster for this work.


    Am 24. Juli 2012 fand der diesjährige gemeinsame Betriebsausflug der Lehrstühle I und IV statt.


    In centrality problems we search for a set of nodes of a graph that - as a group - is located as central as possible. At the conference WALCOM'11, Martin Fink presents algorithms and additional results for the centrality problem "Maximum Betweenness Centrality", which he investigated together with Spoerhase.


    Location problems deal with the choice of locations for facilities that are to be opened. At the conference ISAAC'10, Joachim Spoerhase presents an optimal algorithm for the so-called single maximum coverage location problem on tree-graphs.


    Public Defense


    Joachim Spoerhase, research assistant at the Chair of Computer Science I, defends his dissertation on competitive and voting location.


    As is well-known, the traveling salesman has the difficult task to visit a given set of cities on a shortest round-trip. At the conference STACS'10 in Nancy, Alexander Wolff gave a talk on new results for the case that the cities have so-called squared Euclidean distances.


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