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    Our paper "Block Crossings in Storyline Visualizations" has received the best paper award at GD'16. The paper is joint work by researchers of our chair, two students from Würzburg and colleagues from California and the Ukraine.


    In September, our chair was present at the Workshop on (Constraint) Logic Programming (WLP). Falco Nogatz and Frank Flederer presented their paper, which were done in collaboration with Dietmar Seipel, Ludwig Ostermayer and Sergio Montenegro.


    In this year, the chair has two accepted submissions at ACM GIS 2016: a paper on route planning, and another paper on crowdsourcing on historical city maps. The conference takes place in San Francisco in early November.


    In the Winter Term 2016/2017, the chair offers a new seminar with the topic "Algorithms for Extracting Data from Old Maps". In the seminar, we will discuss algorithmic approaches for automatically "understanding" such documents.




    We hosted the 19th Korean Workshop on Computational Geometry from July 24 through July 29th 2016. This workshop brought together twenty international researchers from the graph drawing and computational geometry communities for a week of intense research on problems at the intersection of these two fields.


    Papers at GD'16


    To this year's 24th International Symposium on Graph Drawing (GD'16), six papers by authors from our chair have been accepted. We are looking forward to Athens!


    Bike Tour 2016


    The traditional bike tour of the chair went in this year from Würzburg via Gramschatz forest to Karlstadt, and back along the river Main. After 70km in the summer heat, the swimming lake in Erlabrunn offered some refreshment.


    Research guests


    We are currently being visited by two international guests: Dr. Alexander Ravsky (of Pidstryhach Institute for Applied Problems of Mechanics and Mathematics in Lviv, Ukraine) and Dr. Minati De (of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India).


    This year's PhilTag 13 is hosted by Würzburg University Library as part of the Kallimachos project. We'll be at the OCR workshop, presenting Glyph Miner. This is a tool for locating glyphs in early modern prints, developed at our chair.


    At ACM SIGSPATIAL 2015, Benedikt Budig presented the poster "There and Back Again: Using Fréchet-Distance Diagrams to Find Trajectory Turning Points", which was awarded "Best Poster Award Runners up".


    In the last two weeks, two PhD students from our group have successfully defended their PhD theses in public disputations.


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